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Providing Disruptive Nanobiotechnology Platforms  

MICA Biosystems uses cutting-edge, first-in-class nanobiotechnology to enable researchers to propel this frontier of science and medicine, truly unlocking the potential of controlling cells remotely.

MICAMagnetic Ion Channel Activation

We have developed a pioneering biomagnetic technology designed to remotely deliver directed mechanical stimuli to individual cells within culture or within the body.

Recently MICA Biosystems was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology Awards 2022 & 2023 for its groundbreaking work and bestowed with the title of the UK’s Stem Cell Therapy Innovators of the Year for two consecutive years.

What We Do

MICA Biosystems holds a diverse product/therapy portfolio, reflecting an extensive R&D effort since its inception and founded by world-class researchers in biotechnology, cell engineering, regenerative medicine, and bioengineering.

What We Do
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Ready To Find Out More?

We areon hand to provide you with additional material and can schedule a live demonstration with a member of our R&D team. 

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