The Full Story


A preclinical biotech founded in 2010 by world-leading scientists in the fields of regenerative technology and tissue engineering - Alicia el Haj and Jon Dobson. MICA Biosystem uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to enable researchers around the world to push further this frontier of science & medicine. 

This same technology is used by MICA in the Remote-Controlled Stem Cell Therapy - holding promise to revolutionise regenerative medicine & improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide - from spinal fusion to neurodegenerative disease treatment and oncology. 


MICA Biosystems’ mission is to unlock the potential of nanotechnology and stem cell therapies in both the clinical and research fields by allowing for controlled cell differentiation and mechanical stimulation, both in vivo and in vitro.


MICA Biosystems will enable a new approach to controlling cell behaviour with applications in tissue engineering / regenerative medicine, stem cell research, pharmaceutical screening, and therapeutic applications.