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Dynamic Cell Stimulation Platform

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Our bioreactor supports new approaches to tissue engineering, biotechnology and regenerative medicine via novel magnetic mechanostimulation.

This instrument provides dynamic or static magnetic forces to biological material, that is labelled or associated with magnetic material e.g. magnetic nanoparticles or magnetised scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo applications.

It has been designed with the end user in mind and is totally aligned with routine cell culture practice - no need to transfer cells or constructs from their culture vessel to specially designed units in order to apply the magnetic field. Instead the instrument allows for cells cultured in standard tissue culture vessels (6, 24 and 96 -well plates) to simply be secured within designated slots for subsequent magnetic stimulation. Two plates can be stimulated under sterile culturing conditions (37℃ and 5% CO2) at any one time by placing the instrument within an incubator unit.

The magnetic force is provided by magnet arrays which are comprised of permanent neodymium magnets and come in 6, 24 and 96 -well configurations to match a given tissue culture format. The arrays are attached to an oscillating slider arm inside the instrument and arrays can be programmed to oscillate at a frequency of 1 Hz or less, providing a maximum magnetic field strength of 2.5KG = 0.25T.

The force may be varied by increasing or decreasing the distance (Displacement) to which the magnets approach the tissue culture plates, allowing stress profiles can be completely customised to your needs.

With the push of a button.

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