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This ground-breaking package emphasises the need to revolutionise drug discovery. By introducing oscillating magnetic fields, it modifies conventional Caco-2 experiments to produce a more accurate depiction of the in vivo intestinal environment. Predicting human drug absorption rates, a crucial area of pharmaceutical research, is made easier with the help of this.


Drug discovery is a time-consuming, costly, and high-risk process combined with a shockingly high failure rate; drugs are often deemed unsuitable for market release due to inaccurate permeability assessments using Caco-2 assays.

Typical length: 10-15 Years

Typical cost: $1-2 Billion

Preclinical studies account for 32% of drug discovery costs.


Alter the standard Caco-2 assays that are static. This standard assay is an inaccurate representation of the in vivo intestinal environment, an environment that, in reality, is subject to constant movement. Dynascreen is a bolt-on device to the standard Caco-2 assay with oscillating magnetic fields. The cell lining, tagged with MICA’s magnetic nanoparticles, creates mechanical movement, thus providing a more accurate representation of the in vivo intestinal environment without affecting cell viability.

Dynascreen package contains a magnetic bioreactor unit, power box and magnetic labelling plate which is a one-time purchase.


Available assay boxes are sufficient for 13 24-well plate testing.


The assay box also contains reagents for the optional validation step and can be ordered separately.

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Dynascreen set

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