Dynamic Drug Screening Platform

The Caco-2 assay is the gold standard for in vitro drug permeability assessment throughout the pharmaceutical industry. However, it's static, and does not reflect the dynamic in vivo environment it sets out to simulate. Peristalsis plays a key role in absorption of compounds in the gut.

By incorporating MICA technology, we have developed a new DYNAMIC Caco-2 assay add-on which is simple and easy to align with the current protocols for drug screening using the standard Caco-2 assay. The assay itself remains mostly unchanged, with a small addition to the protocol by mechanically stimulating the cells.

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Beta testing with our partners Xenogesis (now part of Sygnature Discovery) found:

Dynamic drug absorption in Caco-2 cells can be up to 150 % greater than static absorption assays

Phase 4 compounds which showed limited absorption in static assays show absorption in our DYNASCREEN™ assays

DYNASCREEN™ is the first dynamic Caco-2 drug screening assay of its kind to better predict in vivo human drug absorption rates 

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