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MICA Biosystems. Providing Disruptive Nanobiotechnology Platforms  


MICA Biosystems uses cutting edge, first-in-class nanobiotechnlogy to enable researchers around the world to push further this frontier of science and medicine, truly unlocking the potential of mechanic ion-channel activation.  We have developed a pioneering biomagnetic technology designed to remotely deliver, directed mechanical stimuli to individual cells within culture or within the body.

Recently, the company was recognised in the Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology Awards 2022 for its groundbreaking work, and bestowed with the title of Stem Cell Therapy Innovators of the Year in the UK.


MICA Biosystems constitutes three platforms, each developed from our patented nanotechnology research. 


Our bioreactor enables new approaches to tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and therapy, via novel magnetic ion channel activation.


Our patented drug screening platform establishes an industry-first standardised assay to assess drug absorption. 

MICA Cell Therapy

MICA Cell Therapy has a wide-reaching potential to improve the lives of millions of people. Below are some of the therapy areas which could benefit from our technology.

"Our aim isn't purely to take our technology to clinic- we want to reinvigorate excitement around the endless potential for stem cells to revolutionise healthcare."

Dr. Michal Zurawski

Ready to find out more?

Should you decide that one of our platforms would be a valuable addition to your operations, our team of Associates are on on hand to provide you with additional material and can schedule a live demonstration with a member of our R&D team. 

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