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Therapy Areas

The Full Potential

The Remote-Controlled Stem Cell Therapy is our opportunity to revolutionise regenerative medicine. True to this statement, it has a world of possible uses across numerous therapy areas. See below for a snapshot of what this technology means for some of them!

Spinal Fusion

MICA Cell Therapy can be used as a standalone solution to the fusion of vertebrae in situ, turning an invasive and risky surgical procedure into a superficial injection, or in conjuncture with existing spinal cages to aid in their effectiveness. 



Orthopaedic Device Fixation

The Cell Therapy could be used as a fixation method of orthopaedic implants, such as hip replacement devices, in patients with low bone density.


Tendon Repair

Biological in situ repair of tendons may be possible using MICA Cell Therapy - removing, or reducing, the need for surgical tendon repair or transplant.


Acute Spinal Cord Repair

Acute Spinal Cord damage could be treated by growing nerve cells in the damaged area using the minimally-invasive MICA cell therapy.


Craniomaxillofacial Repair

Notoriously difficult, craniomaxillofacial repair can be aided using the nanotechnology-aided Cell Therapy.

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